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Rotating shaft

LCD shaft HK-D2051

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LCD shaft HK-D2051
  • LCD shaft HK-D2051
  • LCD shaft HK-D2051


品名:HK-D2051 LCD转轴 HINGE 铰链


材质:五金   规格:在线咨询






Second, the LCD shaft HK-D2051 description:

01.Automatic shaft support, unique rotation design, free rotation, user-friendly design, easy to use;

02.Stable and convenient, easy to work, easy to install, bring you a different experience;

03.The product has superb craftsmanship and long service life; the key parts are treated by special processes;

04.Selected materials, reasonable design, layer-by-layer technical control, quality assurance;

05.Guarantee factory direct sales, all the first-hand goods are delivered to customers;

06.One-to-one customization, all products are customized production according to customer needs;

07.Have a large production workshop and a series of advanced production equipment to ensure rapid production and supply speed;

3. The range of LCD shaft HK-D2051:

Use of LCD screen large torque machine

LCD TV hinge

, Made of SECC material, the core components are made of wear-resistant SK7, the finished shaft is very stable and durable

LCD TV hinge technical requirements:

1.Surface burr should not be higher than 0.05mm

2.Torque: the bilateral joint force is 40-50kg.f-cm

3.Tilt forward 5°, tilt backward 20°, shipping angle 0°

4.Life time 3000 times, floating rate is less than 15%

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