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Rotating shaft

DV shaft HK-D2044 HINGE hinge

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DV shaft HK-D2044 HINGE hinge
  • DV shaft HK-D2044 HINGE hinge
  • DV shaft HK-D2044 HINGE hinge


品名:HK-D2044 DV转轴。






2. Product description:

01.The product has superb craftsmanship and long service life; the key parts are treated by special processes;

02.Selected materials, flexible shaft, reasonable design, technical layers, quality assurance;

03.Exquisite craftsmanship, production in strict accordance with the customer's technical requirements, every detail is carefully carved;

04.The product material conforms to the ROHS standard, and the product has a sense of positioning every 90 degrees;

05.Guarantee factory direct sales, all the first-hand goods are delivered to customers;

3、Scope of application:

DV shaft HK-D2044 HINGE hinge application range: security camera, table lamp, etc.

H to K-D2044 axis technical requirements:

1.The single shaft requires no deformation, no obvious burrs and scratches on the surface

2.The central axis rotates smoothly at a value of 1.2-1.8Kgf-cm, and the starting force is not greater than 2.5Kgf-cm

  The center axis rotates 180 degrees clockwise, 90 degrees counterclockwise, 0 degrees and 180 degrees self-locking, 180 degrees and -90 degrees limit

3.Rotation limit destruction torque is not less than 10.0Kgf-cm

4.The height difference between left and right axis does not exceed 0.1MM

5.Life test, swing test 15000 times, attenuation rate ≤20%.

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