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How to maintain the turbocharger of the shaft?

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The turbocharger is classified as a high temperature component, because the gas that drives it runs directly from the exhaust gas discharged from the cylinder, and the temperature can be as high as 900 ℃ -1000 ℃, and under full load The speed of the turbine can reach 180,000-200,000 revolutions per minute, so the efficient and stable smooth oil can be directly reflected from the engine. The existence of turbocharging has higher requirements for maintenance than ordinary cars.

3 main points of turbocharged maintenance

1. The cold car must be warmed up when starting, and the hot car must be idle when it is turned off

For vehicles equipped with turbocharging, the starting and stopping time of the car must be well controlled. The temperature of the oil when the cold car is started is usually relatively low, and it is relatively viscous, and the smoothness is not good. However, it takes a process and time to heat it up to the normal operating temperature, so do not force the turbine to Working at full load will increase turbine wear and shorten turbine life.

Similarly, because the temperature of the turbine is very high, it is best to idle the car for a while after stopping, and then turn off the car to ensure that the engine oil system and cooling system work for a while to cool down. This reduces the problems that cause turbine problems. probability.

rotation axis

2. Use high quality motor oil

Under normal circumstances, the damage of the turbocharger is usually the seal of the oil seal between it and the intake pipe, resulting in large-scale burning of engine oil, and a large part of the damage of the oil seal is because the owner did not replace the oil on time, perhaps using inferior quality The engine oil causes the floating main rotating shaft of the turbine to not smooth and dissipate heat properly, thereby damaging the oil seal at high temperatures and causing oil leakage. The smooth oil of the engine must choose the brand oil that meets the original standard. If the smooth oil does not meet the requirements, it will have a great impact, which will hurt the turbocharger and engine parts.

3. Keep the turbine clean

Replace the oil filter and air filter in time. The cooperation gap between the turbocharger shaft and the bushing is very small, so if the used oil is unclean, it may cause impurities to enter due to the unclean oil filter, which will cause excessive wear of the turbocharger. In addition, if the inhaled air contains many impurities, once these dust particles enter the supercharger impeller running at high speed, the dust particles will hit the supercharger impeller, thereby causing unstable turbine operation and worn shaft sleeves and seals. Therefore, the use, maintenance, and replacement of machine filters are very important.

In addition, the air filter can not be ignored. In terms of air intake, customers should perform maintenance on time according to the replacement mileage of the maintenance air filter recommended by the manufacturer. If possible, periodically remove the air filter element for brief cleaning, and replace it if necessary.

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