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What is the method of adding lubricant to the notebook shaft?

Source:Shenzhen Hekai Hardware Rotor Processing Custom Manufacturer  Release Time:2018-12-18   Traffic:684

When the notebook is used for a long time, there will be some minor problems, such as the opening and closing is not smooth or the sound is made when opening and closing, that is, you need to add a little lubricating oil to the notebook to help the shaft rotate more smoothly and the damping is more suitable. The wear of the rotating shaft is reduced, and the service life of the rotating shaft is increased.

The lubricating oil is generally composed of base oil and additives. The base oil is the main component of the lubricating oil, which determines the basic properties of the lubricating oil. The additives can make up for and improve the deficiencies in the performance of the base oil, and endow certain new properties. It is an important part of the lubricating oil.

The following is a detailed introduction about how to add lubricating oil to the rotating shaft on the notebook:

1. Remove the plastic cover on the screw, and then use a screwdriver to remove the two screws on the left and right of the notebook

2. Remove the B-side plastic cover

3. At this time, the rotating shaft is in front of you. Apply appropriate amount of lubricating oil or grease to the junction of the rotating shaft?

There are already detailed operation steps for the lubrication of the shaft. If the notebook is not open and closed, you can follow the above method, but when you remove the B-side plastic cover, remember not to be too laborious, easy to damage or other problems Appear, it is necessary to apply an appropriate amount when applying lubricant.

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