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What are the characteristics of the hollow shaft design?

Source:Shenzhen Hekai Hardware Rotor Processing Custom Manufacturer  Release Time:2018-12-04   Traffic:793

The hollow rotating shaft is defined as a through hole made in the center of the shaft body, and an internal key slot is opened in the through hole, a stepped cylinder is processed on the outer surface of the shaft body, and an external key slot is opened, the central through hole of the shaft and the squeeze bore The main shaft is sleeved, and the input power is directly transmitted to the squeeze bore main shaft through the transmission gear installed on the cylinder on the outer surface of the shaft to drive the shaft.

However, the structure of the hollow structure rotating shaft is very simple, easy to produce, and the factor that affects the torque is the interference between the male shaft and the female shaft. However, within a certain size range, the interference must not be too large, otherwise it will cause structural damage, so More precise dimensional tolerances are required to meet the required interference requirements.


The space occupied by the hollow shaft is relatively large, but the weight can be reduced. According to material mechanics analysis, when the rotating shaft transmits torque, from the radial section, the effect of transmitting the effective torque is greater outside. When the rotating shaft needs to transmit larger torque, a thicker shaft diameter is required. And because the effect of transmitting torque in the shaft center is small, it is generally hollow to reduce the weight of the rotating shaft.

For the practical application of the torque value and the convenience of assembly, the solid of the male shaft is removed into a hollow male shaft, so it is called a hollow structure. The strength of the hollow structure has a great influence on torsion. At present, the main way to control the torque range is mainly to design the interference value and the hollow strength of the male shaft to meet the external size requirements of the female shaft.

Shenzhen Hekai Hardware Rotary Shaft Processing Custom Manufacturer was established in 2005. We are mainly engaged in R&D, design, processing, and production of rotary shafts. We have a stamping center and our own molds for rotating shafts. The main products are: notebook shafts, DV shafts, LCD shafts , Phone shaft, mobile phone shaft, table lamp shaft, learning machine shaft and medical equipment shaft, etc., support wholesale, customization, processing. Since the establishment of the company, we are devoted to the innovation of precision hardware shaft and supporting cable products, has become a bead One of the shaft manufacturers with certain strength in the triangle area.

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