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What should I do if the notebook shaft wears out?

Source:Hekai hardware notebook hinge  Release Time:2018-11-20   Traffic:838

Generally, users know that the hinge of the notebook only functions as a support and connection in the notebook. Whether the notebook can run normally is very much related to it. When the notebook is used for a period of time, some users experience the difficulty of opening the notebook and the abnormal sound of opening and closing is more serious. The wear of the notebook casing is caused by the shaft wear. So how to solve this problem?

notebook hinge

When the notebook shaft is worn, it can be divided into mild wear and severe wear. Below we have made solutions for two degrees of wear;

1. The shaft of the notebook is slightly worn, that is, there is a little wear on the surface of the shaft or the opening and closing is a bit uncomfortable. In this case, you can contact the after-sales for repair.

2. When the notebook shaft is heavily worn, it can be shown that the opening and closing of the notebook is very difficult or there is a very loud noise when opening and closing. In this case, it is recommended that the user contact the after-sales to replace the shaft immediately. If you cannot replace the shaft, you can change the notebook product or yourself Go to buy the same type of reels.

Shenzhen Hekai Hardware Rotary Shaft Processing Custom Manufacturer was established in 2005. We are mainly engaged in R&D, design, processing, and production of rotary shafts. We have a stamping center and our own molds for rotating shafts. The main products are: notebook shafts, DV shafts, LCD shafts , Phone shaft, mobile phone shaft, table lamp shaft, learning machine shaft and medical equipment shaft, etc., support wholesale, customization, processing. Since the establishment of the company, we are devoted to the innovation of precision hardware shaft and supporting cable products, has become a bead One of the shaft manufacturers with certain strength in the triangle area.

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