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What are the nine rules used for rotary shaft radial drills?

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The nine rules used by the rotary shaft radial drill are as follows, please see the detailed introduction of Hekai Hardware Editor.

1. The rotary shaft uses a radial drill, no gloves are required.

2. Before drilling, you must find the correct position of the drilled workpiece to avoid skew in the drilling, and to release the locking device, and then adjust the depth of the spindle into the tool before drilling, and then lock each locking device Lock tightly.

3. When drilling, the drill must be clamped firmly to avoid jumping out while drilling and adjust the length appropriately. The work piece must be clamped firmly with pliers, clamps or iron, and it is forbidden to hold the drill hole by hand. When drilling thin workpieces, the board should be underlayed.

4. When drilling the rotating shaft, you must stop the running vehicle to prevent gear shifting, otherwise it will damage the gearbox internal gear.

rotation axis

5. It is not allowed to use gauze to remove iron filings during drilling, nor to blow with a mouth or to wipe with hands. It also causes precision rust, and special tools or brushes should be used properly.

6. After completion, it cannot be left aside. Always check and remove iron filings and oil stains on the workbench and guide rails, screws, etc., and keep the surrounding environment hygienic.

7. At the beginning of drilling or when the workpiece is to be drilled, apply light pressure to prevent the drill bit from jamming the workpiece and rotating or throwing it out.

8. When drilling, the feed should be even. When drilling deep holes, remove iron filings in time to prevent the drill bit from being broken.

9. When loading or unloading workpieces or fixtures on the rotating shaft, move the cross arm away, and pay attention to the surrounding people and objects to cause collision accidents.

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