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What is the principle of shaft detection technology?

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Principle of the rotating shaft value detection technology The imported bearing fault has a short impact period (millisecond level), a wide energy distribution frequency range, and a long impact interval, which falls at the normal vibration frequency of the imported bearing The components in the range are very small. It is difficult to diagnose imported bearing faults, especially early imported bearing faults, using conventional vibration signal acquisition and spectrum analysis.

The signal required for the analysis of the rotating shaft is collected by the acceleration sensor, and the peak value is taken from a selected time interval. The selection of this time interval must be consistent with the bandwidth of the fast Fourier transform (F staring) performed on the sampled data to analyze specific vibrations. If the above-mentioned frequency band width is defined as 厶. , Then the general sampling frequency is 2.56 times. Then the time interval of the peak value must be greater than or equal to the reciprocal of the sampling frequency. In this way, the peak value will be obtained in successive time intervals until the data required for the next processing is obtained. In order to monitor the shock, the signal collected by the acceleration sensor is subjected to high-pass filtering (greater than 1 kHz), so that the signal is concentrated in the frequency band where the shock signal exists, and the shock signal and the ordinary vibration signal are separated at the same time.

rotation axis

The operation interface of the RBMware online analysis software of the rotary shaft is divided into two types: configuration interface and operation interface. The configuration interface uses virtual instrument technology to set up the database, set up the hardware, and debug. It can intuitively display the screens of 4500 channels. Click the corresponding channel to set the channel parameters (type, range, unit, etc.) conveniently. The running interface displays real-time status information, and data can be collected as needed to generate trends and spectrum charts. Any authorized user in the local area network can perform data browsing and hardware configuration through this interface. RBMware online system analysis software can display the time-domain, frequency-domain waveforms and historical trend curves of different channels; the use of dual-channel configuration, can also display the axis trajectory diagram, coherence coefficient, transfer function, etc.

Shenzhen Hekai Hardware Rotary Shaft Processing Custom Manufacturer was established in 2005. We are mainly engaged in R&D, design, processing, and production of rotary shafts. We have a stamping center and our own molds for rotating shafts. The main products are: notebook shafts, DV shafts, LCD shafts , Phone shaft, mobile phone shaft, table lamp shaft, learning machine shaft and medical equipment shaft, etc., support wholesale, customization, processing. Since the establishment of the company, we are devoted to the innovation of precision hardware shaft and supporting cable products, has become a bead One of the shaft manufacturers with certain strength in the triangle area.

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