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Can the laptop hinge be repaired?

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If the shaft of the notebook is broken, it can be repaired by , just get the repair point and change the shaft.

1. The shaft is not simple. Whether its design is good or bad will not only affect the overall style of the notebook, but also affect the port arrangement of the notebook. Poor shaft design can cause the shaft to break, damage the fixing points of the casing, and the screen cable inside the shaft to break, which can cause a variety of notebook failures. So, the shaft design cannot be ignored!

2. Classification:

Although the shape of the rotating shaft of the notebook is various, from the basic structure point of view, it can be divided into two categories: the fixed end of the rotating shaft is on the main unit, the active part is protruding, and is connected to the screen to form a protruding structure; the other The rotary shaft is fixed on the screen, the active part sinks, and connects with the host to form a sinking structure.

notebook hinge

The biggest advantage of the protruding hinge is that the screen ascends upwards when opened, so that the screen does not cover the back of the notebook. Therefore, you can easily set various ports and heat dissipation holes on the back of the notebook. From the perspective of making full use of notebook space and increasing the number of ports, it is very advantageous. At the same time, because the protruding shaft is not easily blocked when it rotates, the angle at which the screen can be opened is relatively large, generally reaching 150 degrees to 180 degrees.

Although the protruding shaft has many advantages, the number of notebooks using the protruding shaft has been reduced. Why does this happen? Because the protruding shaft is used to ensure the strength and damping of the shaft, the protruding part must be large enough. As a result, the notebook cover must be made thicker to cover the hinge. For notebooks that use LED backlight systems and pursue thin and light notebooks, the use of protruding hinges is naturally unsuitable.

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