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  • How to maintain the turbocharger of the shaft? 2019-02-12

    The turbocharger is classified as a high temperature component, because the gas that drives it runs directly from the exhaust gas discharged from the cylinder, the temperature can be as high as 900 ℃ -1000 ℃, and under full load, the speed of the turbine can reach 180,000-200,000 per minute Therefore, the efficient and stable smooth oil can be directly reflected from the engine. The existence of turbocharging has higher requirements for maintenance than ordinary cars.

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  • Analysis of the basic composition of the shaft material 2019-01-29

    The corrosion resistance of these steels comes from "chromium", which ranges from 11.5 to 18%. The higher the chromium content, the higher the carbon content to ensure the composition of martensite during heat treatment. The above three types of 440 stainless steel are very It is rarely considered as an application requiring welding, and the 440 type of molten metal is not easy to obtain.

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  • What is the design of the shaft structure? 2019-01-02

    The structural design of the rotating shaft is an important step in determining the reasonable shape of the shaft and all the structural dimensions for the shaft design. It consists of the type, size and position of the parts installed on the shaft, the way of fixing the parts, the nature, direction, size and distribution of the load, the type and size of the bearing, the blank of the shaft, the manufacturing and assembly process, installation and transportation, and the shaft Factors such as deformation. The designer can design according to the specific requirements of the shaft. If necessary, several schemes can be compared to select the best design scheme. The following are the general shaft structure design principles:

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  • What is the method of adding lubricant to the notebook shaft? 2018-12-18

    When the notebook is used for a long time, there will be some minor problems, such as the opening and closing is not smooth or the sound is made when opening and closing, that is, you need to add a little lubricating oil to the notebook to help the shaft rotate more smoothly and the damping is more suitable. The wear of the rotating shaft is reduced, and the service life of the rotating shaft is increased.

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  • What are the characteristics of the hollow shaft design? 2018-12-04

    The hollow rotating shaft is defined as a through hole made in the center of the shaft body, and an internal key slot is opened in the through hole, a stepped cylinder is processed on the outer surface of the shaft body, and an external key slot is opened, the central through hole of the shaft and the squeeze bore The main shaft is sleeved, and the input power is directly transmitted to the squeeze bore main shaft through the transmission gear installed on the cylinder on the outer surface of the shaft to drive the shaft.

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  • What should I do if the notebook shaft wears out? 2018-11-20

    Generally, users know that the hinge of the notebook only functions as a support and connection in the notebook. Whether the notebook can run normally is very much related to it. When the notebook is used for a period of time, some users experience the difficulty of opening the notebook and the abnormal sound of opening and closing is more serious. The wear of the notebook casing is caused by the shaft wear. So how to solve this problem?

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