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What are the main points of notebook shaft maintenance?

Source:Shenzhen Hekai Hardware Rotor Processing Custom Manufacturer  Release Time:2018-12-25   Traffic:843

The first laptop in life is handy, so excited! Do all kinds of protective covers, stick the screen, especially the keyboard to prevent dust, and wrap it tightly! In addition to these, start learning laptop battery maintenance, mouse, keyboard maintenance, Screen usage, etc. Of course, these netizens have a lot of excellent sharing. Today, Hekai hardware editor tells everyone how to do good notebook shaft maintenance?

First, the gesture is centered

It is conducive to the same force on the left and right rotating shafts and extends the service life!

Second, be light

The hinge of the notebook is a hinge with damping and self-locking functions. It has a special structure inside and requires a certain torque to open and close. Excessive force, parts wear more, damping force declines too fast, affecting service life!

Third, open the cover slowly

The damping force of the damping shaft comes from the friction of the internal parts. In the friction, a small amount of heat is generated. Therefore, the cover opening speed is slow, which effectively prevents the temperature from being too high.

Fourth, don't open and close frequently!

The reason is very simple, just like: break an iron wire, you only need to fold it at one point quickly, then a lot of heat is generated, especially hot, continue to fold, it becomes softer and softer, and finally, it breaks!

Shenzhen Hekai Hardware Rotary Shaft Processing Custom Manufacturer was established in 2005. We are mainly engaged in R&D, design, processing, and production of rotary shafts. We have a stamping center and our own molds for rotating shafts. The main products are: notebook shafts, DV shafts, LCD shafts , Phone shaft, mobile phone shaft, table lamp shaft, learning machine shaft and medical equipment shaft, etc., support wholesale, customization, processing. Since the establishment of the company, we are devoted to the innovation of precision hardware shaft and supporting cable products, has become a bead One of the shaft manufacturers with certain strength in the triangle area.

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