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  • What is a notebook hinge? 2018-07-10

    Next, the editor of Hekai Hardware tells you what a notebook hinge is. I hope the following answer will help you.

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  • What are the characteristics in the production of hinges? 2019-02-05

    The production types of the hinge hinge manufacturing industry are mainly divided into two types: single-piece production and batch production.

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  • What are the manufacturing methods of the notebook shaft structure? 2019-01-22

    Due to the advancement and development of technology, computers have become indispensable and necessary tools for people in work and daily life. Furthermore, due to the high-functionalization of electronic products, the rapid development of high-speed and modernization, gradually notebooks The trend of computers has hit senior business people and gradually spread to general users. The line-headed notebooks are mostly of a flip-up type. In order to meet the design considerations of thinness, smallness and light weight, and the hinge structure used must also change according to the thinness and smallness of the notebook, they are generally designed as a base consisting of the main body and keyboard And the upper cover composed of the display screen and the cover body is composed of two parts. When the notebook computer is not in use or in a closed state, the upper cover is closed on the base, and the upper cover needs to be lifted up to an appropriate angle during use to facilitate operation.

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  • What is the role of the shaft with shell? 2019-01-15

    With the development of thinner and lighter notebooks, the structural design of the rotating shaft is also constantly changing, from the classic gasket structure rotating shaft hidden in the notebook to the gear structure rotating shaft with a shell now, allowing the notebook to be able to switch angles flexibly when flipped and More portable, then let's talk about the role of the screen hinge with a shell?

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  • Why is the notebook hinge relatively stable? 2019-01-08

    I often hear how many degrees the screen of this notebook can be flipped, and how good the appearance, performance, etc., but the reason why the notebook shaft is very stable may not be thoroughly understood. Let’s talk about the editor of Hekai Hardware. .

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  • What are the main points of notebook shaft maintenance? 2018-12-25

    The first laptop in life is handy, so excited! Do all kinds of protective covers, stick the screen, especially the keyboard to prevent dust, and wrap it tightly! In addition to these, start learning laptop battery maintenance, mouse, keyboard maintenance, Screen usage, etc. Of course, these netizens have a lot of excellent sharing. Today, Hekai hardware editor tells everyone how to do good notebook shaft maintenance?

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